SmartPublisher is a tool that helps you efficiently fill your posting calendar. You will be able to create an optimal content plan for your social pages that will bring the maximum engagement for your publications. 

DigitalOcto publishes to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (but we are working on extending the publisher with additional social networks. Instagram Businesses is coming soon).  

Open DigitalOcto in another tab and follow along!

Discover the compose box (your new best friend)

DigitalOcto’s compose box makes posting to any social media super easy. I will show you right now how you can compose a post in seconds and save hours every day.

Compose box is where you can create messages for any social media.

Before you start composing, make sure that you've connected all your social profiles to DigitalOcto. If you haven’t done so, see this short guide here

The Compose box can be found in the upper right hand corner. Click on the Compose button and the compose box will appear. 

Select the social services you will publish your message to

Select the social profiles you’d like to publish the post. Your Facebook post might also make a great tweet or LinkedIn post — so save time and publish your message to multiple profiles across multiple social channels!

Post different type of content:

DigitalOcto allows you to publish different types of posts depending on the social network you want to post to.

If you want to publish regular posts (status, link, image, or video), you can skip this feature.

It is useful if you want to publish Carousal, Slideshow or multiple images (image gallery) at once.  

Write your message

You can write a general message that will go with your post or customize your message for any network individually. To do so, just select the social icon of the social network you want to write a custom message for and type your message.

Share a blog post from your website

For this example, I am going to show you how to share a blog post from our website. 

Copy the url of the blog post and paste it in the link field (click on the Link icon first) and DigitalOcto will generate a link preview for you.

If you want to publish image, then click on the Image icon and select an image from your computer or Gallery.

Post Preview

The Compose box automatically respond to the type of social network you are publishing to, ensuring that your content looks great to any platform.

You can see how your post will look like before you publish it by clicking on the Preview button

Publish Immediately

If you want to publish this post now, just pick Publish now button and it will appear on all social profiles.

Schedule post

However, if you want to schedule this for later, there is a little calendar icon. Select that and you will have the option to choose the date and the time.

And then you have Add to schedule (button). Once you schedule that it will appear on your calendar.

Add to queue

If you want to put a post in the queue, you create a post in the exact same way. This time though you need to select the Queue icon, choose the Queue you will add the post to and then hit Add to queue button.


Calendar is one of my favorite. You can see all the activities that are or will be happening on your account. It shows all posts you’ve already published, posts that are scheduled or ones that are put into a queue. Click on the post to edit or delete it.

Try it yourself! It's easy. Enjoy!

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