Go to the social icons in the left-hand navigation:


Click on the Facebook button and a popup will appear on the screen. It will ask for permissions so that DigitalOcto can post and schedule to your Facebook page.

Then you will be shown all Facebook pages you have the right to manage. Select the page you would like to use with SmartPublisher


Follow the same steps to add your LinkedIn page.

Click on the LinkedIn button and ALLOW DigitalOcto to use the requested information in order to post updates on your LinkedIn page

Then you will be shown all LinkedIn pages you manage. Click on the Use button to select the page you would like to use with DigitalOcto


To connect your Twitter account to DigitalOcto, click on the Twitter button in the left hand navigation. If you are not logged into your Twitter account in the browser, you will be asked to do so:

Then you will have to authorize DigitalOcto to use your account.

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