Here are all the possible statuses for your subscription and what they mean:

  • Pending: The subscription has not been activated yet, but it will start at a future date. After upgrading a monthly subscription, you will see your new annual one with a "Pending" status. Its start date will be the same as the end date of the subscription you decided to upgrade.
  • Active: This is the default state of your subscription. Everything is OK and you can use any and all services associated with it.
  • Alert: Your subscription is about to expire in the next 5 days. Unless you decide to renew it, it will end on its expiration date.
  • Overdue: There was a payment error. You need to make sure your card / PayPal has enough available balance or you need to update your payment method immediately.
  • Expired: Your subscription is no longer active, along with the service it provided access to. You can, however, create a new one if you wish to continue using the service.

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