DigitalOcto can import content from any website with a valid RSS feed, and he'll keep importing new content automatically!  Which means you can link up your favorite websites to import great content to share with your followers. You will never run out of content, once you set up your RSS feeds.

Connect Feeds

You can add RSS Feeds on the RSS feed page where you can manage all your feeds.

Go to the big blue button Content and select the RSS Feeds option:

  • Enter the URL for the website you'd like to import from.
  • Click the Search feed button.
  • DigitalOcto will check the website(s) to see if an RSS feed is present.  If it is, he'll grab that feed and then let you choose your options for it.

On the feed management page you can find all latest posts from your feeds.

Use the small green icon in the bottom of each post to share the post immediately, or put it into queue. It's just a click away.



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