Let’s talk about your DigitalOcto queues.

DigitalOcto's queues are what sets us apart. They keep your content organized and make it easy for you to schedule the right type of content at the right time, without having to schedule each post by hand. 

Other social schedulers delete your posts once they’re posted – DigitalOcto saves them forever. As time goes on and you build up a solid library of posts on DigitalOcto (filled up your queues), you can turn the Recycle option ON and let DigitalOcto post for you. without you having to do anything.

How do you go about filling your queues up so that you have really high-quality updates getting posted couple of times a day, every day, without interruption?

Well, as with everything else, the best approach is one step at a time. That’s how you’re going to fill your library of status updates – by breaking it down into categories, and tackling it in pieces, instead of all at once.

There are 5 categories (we called them QUEUES, and you will soon find out why) that come pre-set inside DigitalOcto, but you can add/edit/delete as many as you want! 

They’re a solid framework for getting the ball rolling, though, so I suggest you can start with them.

My Blog Queue

Social media = social (talking to people) + media (content)

Your home for social media is not your social accounts, but it is your own website. This is where you want to drive people back to because that’s where money changes hands, that’s where people call you, that’s where people find more about your business, shop,etc.

On your website lives your blog. Your blog exists so people can feel like they can trust you. 

You need to be regularly pushing updates to your own blog posts on social media -  do not get shy about self-promotion!

My Blog Queue status update ideas:

Promotional Queue

You don’t want your feed to be strictly promotional, but these types of updates are critical for driving in leads and sales.

Promotional Queue status update ideas:

Inspirational/Funny Queue

These are your deep thoughts, your piece of wisdom. Whether they’re coming straight out of your own brilliant brain or you want to share some of your favorite quotes that you’ve picked up along the road of life, this is the place to stick them! Funny, serious, whatever – just be true to your own philosophy, and that of your business. The words of great minds have a real way of inspiring people on social media - and they get shared like crazy.

Inspirational/Funny Queue status update ideas: 

Questions Queue
A question for engagement is your way of sparking a conversation. Remember — conversations are important in social media! It’s a way for people to form a relationship with you, and to nurture a trust. Sparking questions gets you answers, which allow you to engage in a conversation with your audience.

Questions Queue status updates

Tips Queue

Nobody knows what you do better than you – and your followers count on that! Face it, you’re an expert. You have tons of valuable info, tips, and tricks tucked away inside that genius mind of yours, and this is the perfect place for sharing your mind-blowing lifehacks.

Tips Queue status update ideas 

Bonus! My queue

Every business is different, so leave yourself some space for updates that don’t fit within the other categories. It might be content pulled from your newsletter, or regular updates about product availability. Maybe you want to throw in quotes from client testimonials and reviews, or photos of people using your product. Maybe every time you release a new product, you have a specific type of update you like to use to announce it. Don’t assume that you’ll remember in the moment, or that you’ll post it on the fly! Categorize it. You’ll thank yourself later.

Now that you know what content to post in each category, let's make some strategic planning to fill up your social media calendar

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