In this article you will learn :

  • What queue is
  • Create new queue
  • Recycle messages to reuse your content
  • Put a queue on hold
  • Delete a queue
  •  Reorder posts in a queue

What is Queue?

DigitalOcto's queues are what sets us apart. They keep your content organized and make it easy for you to schedule the right type of content at the right time, without having to schedule each post by hand. 

Other social schedulers delete your posts once they’re posted – DigitalOcto saves them forever. As time goes on and you build up a solid library of posts on DigitalOcto  (filled up your queues), you can turn the Recycle option ON and let DigitalOcto post for you, without you having to do anything.

DigitalOcto queue comes with a small set of sample queues to get you started. These queues are based on the social media strategy that we use at DigitalOcto for our own social media marketing. They are a great place to start and then build upon with your own custom queues.

Manage queues

If you click on the Content button and select My Queues, you will go to the page where you can manage all you queues.

Create new queue

Select Add queue button in the right hand upper corner.

And a Queue box will appear.  Choose a name for your Queue and select the days of the week and the time slots you want your posts to be published.

Recycle messages

When you enable the Recycle message feature, you will allow DigitalOcto to reuse the posts added to this queue. This means that when a particular post got published, it will go at the end of the queue. Once all posts from that queue were published, DigitalOcto will start over with the first one.

This way you can rest assure that your social profiles will always stay active.


Put a queue on hold

If you have content you'd like to add or keep in a Queue, but you're not ready to publish it right now, you can put your queue on hold.For example, maybe the content needs approval from another team member, it's in draft form, or you just want to keep it for later.

In these cases, you have to go to the page where you manage all your queues, select the queue you want to put on hold and then turn off the button:

How to delete a queue

 Select the queue you want to manage from the dropdown menu

And then hit the Delete Queue button

Note: If you choose to delete a queue that has posts attached to it, DigitalOcto will delete all those posts as well as remove all of the time slots for your queue has. This cannot be undone, so be extra careful! :)

Reorder posts in the queue:

Just drag and drop the post on the right place



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