DigitalOcto gives you several default queues to start. But by creating custom queues, you can organize your posts in a way that works best for you, your business, and your followers.

At DigitalOcto, we use the default queues for general topics, and create custom queues for more specific topics in our own DigitalOcto account. Creating custom queues allows us to post about very specific topics at very specific times by adding those queues to our schedule calendar when those topics become relevant.And it makes it easy to store posts in specific locations for future use.

For example, we have custom queues for job listings, a webinar, an event you organize twice a year, to name a few. Some of these queues remain on our scheduled calendar year-round because they're always relevant, while others may come and go depending on whether we're actively promoting that content at the moment.

By creating a custom queue for each event or topic, we're able to keep all of our content organized and available when we need it.

Seasonal or Event Specific Queues

DigitalOctor's custom queues make handling seasonal content and events super simple. Have a new event coming up or you love to publish content related to a specific holiday like Christmas for example? Follow these steps: 

  1. Create a new queue for it (be sure to uncheck the box for Recycling before you save it so it isn't posted automatically).
  2. Put your queue on hold by turning off the Queue On/Off button 

3. Add your content about the event to that queue.
4. When you'd like to start posting about the event, just turn on the Queue On/Off button.

5. When the event is over, put the queue on hold again (till next year).

DigitalOcto will keep the content in your custom queue for you. And when that event or season rolls around next year, just put the queue back on your schedule again. There's no need to recreate seasonal or event content every single year. 

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